Version 4.2.0

Releasedate: 24-Oct-2018


  • Added ability to access the monitor via SSL (self signed)
  • Better detection of stalled streams and reconnection
  • Added a list view on the home page
  • Video outputs to both analog and HDMI at the same time
  • Added the option to set the reboot time
  • Enhanced security model
  • Prevented 'store password' browser messages
  • Added iPhone X support
  • Removed tile staggering when animations are off on the camera overview page
  • Limited sequence rotation time to be 30 seconds minimal


  • Small UI issues resolved
  • Improved IP address validation in fixed IP fields
  • Improved password error detection in the camera overview
  • Fixed a bug which would only allow alpha characters in the password field
  • Fixed lockup while in certain error state after a Onvif request
  • Fixed support mail functionality

Currently Known Limitations

  • Booting without network will fix the monitor in (reboot will restore)
  • Axis cameras / decoders will not display correct preview image when custom channels are specified
  • An Onvif compliant camera will not be forced to mjpeg even if specified in the camera config